Server Hardware and Networking

Providing secure IT solutions for business is our goal. Servers in a corporate that are reachable from Internet clients need special security considerations. We can provide secure, custom-built servers for any application desired by the customer. We will install the minimum amount of software required for the application, secure the networking, and tighten the ownerships and permissions to allow placement of the server in an insecure location.

Server maintenance services comprise of:

  • Performing Security Checks and Updates
  • Checking server log files
  • Applying necessary service and software updates
  • Checking hard disk drive for space or any corruption
  • Checking core file and folder permission
  • Checking complete security
  • Checking application functionality
  • Checking redundancy
  • Recommending necessary software and hardware upgrades
  • Check backups.
  • Update security patches
  • Thorough security audit
  • Applying Security Policies
  • Installation and configuration of firewall
  • Installation of security updates as released by OS vendor
  • Installation of security updates as released by Third Party Software vendor
  • Configuration changes as desired by customer
  • Disabling of unused and insecure services